8:30 & 11 AM

Traditional Worship Service

9 AM

Contemporary Worship Service

10 AM

Discipleship Classes for All Ages

11 AM

Bilingual English/Spanish Service

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love. witness. Serve.

Our core values are to LOVE God with all of our heart, mind, strength and soul and love our neighbor, all of our neighbors, as God loves you. We are called to WITNESS to our faith by proclaiming boldly the saving grace of God through Jesus Christ and living out our faith every day in every way. We believe we are called to SERVE, to show our faith by our works, so we are committed to doing all the good we can in our community for the glory of God.

SERMONS ANytime, anywhere

Did you hear a sermon from this past week that you want to re-listen to or you want to share with someone?  We are now podcasting our sermons from both of our worship spaces!

Traditional Worship Service

The River Contemporary Worship Service

Simply click on the link and select your preferred service to listen to podcasts and get them directly on your phone!